How do we help federations?

Most of the federations we work with have similar issues when it comes to a centralized system for club and competition management.

Most common problems:

  • Cups and standings calculations
  • Athlete/Club application process
  • Personalized content for users with statistics and analytics
  • Database of infrastructure (ski-hills, tracks, etc.)
  • Running multiple competitions in Real-Time
  • LIVE results

We offer a complete enterprise solution with a customized plan for each organization that best fits the needs. Oh, and it all runs in the cloud, accessible anywhere/anytime.

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Practice Analytics

97% of all jumps are made during practice. Our analytics system provides the necessary hardware to monitor and track jumper performance during practice including in-run speed measurement, wind compensation and data processing systems.



Employees are certified to use measurement equipment. All measurements are instantly reported via Real-Time Messaging service.


Users create and manage teams and competition.

All in one platform

All in one platform

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A product of Slovenia

A product of Slovenia